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The key of success is our spirit and courage for software. We are focused on gathering the people who adore and live programming therefore our developers really enjoy what they do and always achieve best results with minimum time frame.

Project Development

Project Development

Fastcode is the place where your ideas about new software for your company come true. We offer a wide range of custom software development. Whether you are looking for CRM, website, big data or just branded mobile application you’ve come to the right place. It takes just one minute to fill the form and get in touch with us. Our lead project manager will contact you in less than 20 minutes.


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Dedicated developers

Dedicated developers

Looking for a great software developer? We have a plenty of them available to join your project. You can keep low cost by having them on a distance, and we have an established an verified process to support high quality via world-proven outsourcing practices such as SCRUM and Agile. Or have them on site working as a part of your team.

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Your software project need a high quality technical support? We do a bugfixing, features development and system administration in a responsive way. Whenever something goes wrong, we are here to fix it. We are on top of world practices for monitoring and maintain real production projects.

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SAP integration and customisation

We have wide experience in all lifecycle phases of SAP and SAP-based solutions: as consultants of SAP customers IT department, as consultants of IT consulting companies and working with consultants of external SAP consulting companies and partners.

Our experience expands in a various industries and company sizes: retail, wholesale, food, transport, manufacturing, pharmacy, real estate and airlines.

In most SAP installations there are always demanding tasks to improve existing or implement new functionality within existing SAP solution. We have an experience in creating and modifying existing SAP transactions/programs and reports.

We create systems with easy-to-use front-ends and back-ends either inside existing SAP solutions or integrated with SAP systems, allowing the customer to automate business processes. Systems can be relatively easy and small (Web frontends) and can be very complex solutions covering the whole part of some particular business processes area (like Warehouse Management).

We developed a set BI of solutions that helps the users to analyze large volumes of business data stored in ERP systems and Data Warehouses in an easy and intuitive way.

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